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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Former Science Advisor To Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu And Founder Of Israel Science And Technology Declares Obama Birth Certificate Forged: Slams U.S. Congress, U.S. Senate, And U.S. Courts Lack Of Action

Israel Hanukoglu, Ph. D.
Department of Molecular Biology
Ariel University Center of Samaria
Ariel 40700, Israel

Israel Hanukoglu was born in Istanbul, Turkey in 1952. After finishing high school there in 1969, he went to the USA with an AFS International Scholarship. He first came to Israel in 1970 to study at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and received his undergraduate degree cum laude with double majors in biology and psychology and a minor in political science.

He then went to the University of Wisconsin-Madison for graduate studies (M.Sc., 1976; Ph.D., 1980). In his doctoral work on the mechanism of electron transport in mitochondrial P450 systems, he isolated the enzymes that convert cholesterol into steroid hormones and elucidated essential steps in steroid hormone biosynthesis. In later postdoctoral studies at the University of Chicago he determined the first sequences and structures of keratin type proteins that form skeletal structures within the cell. FULL BIO HERE.

"Long-Form Birth Certificate of Obama is a Forged Document"

Since this is a site of Science and technology, there is a need to explain why this site dedicates a page to expose forgery about a document related to Mr. Barack Hussein Obama. Mr. Obama is the President of the USA that is currently the leader of the Free World, and the most powerful country in the Western hemisphere. In his position as the President, the policies pursued by Mr. Obama affects the whole world and not just the USA.

Because of the persisting controversy about his eligibility, On April 27, 2011 the Office of the President at the White House released a document that is called "Long-Form Birth Certificate". The release of this simple document, after two years of controversy, raised in our minds the possibility that there could be something suspicious about the information available on this document. To check this, we downloaded the document that was posted at the White House site at

The analyses presented below reveal without a doubt that the Long-Form Birth Certificate of Mr. Obama is a fabricated, fake and forged document.

The publication of such a blatantly fake document about something so basic as the birthplace of Mr. Obama, should raise great concern about the suitability of the person who is holding the reigns on the most powerful country of the World.

Moreover, the lack of action on the part of the members of the United States House of Representatives and Senate, as well as the courts of the United States, despite many previous appeals to these three branches of American government, also raise a concern about how the governmental institutions of the reputedly best, and certainly the most important democracy in the Free World have avoided this issue.

Below, we present two different means by which the PDF document of Long-Form Birth Certificate of Mr. Obama can be examined.

CONTINUED HERE: ---- (Hat tip Anon)

2006: Obama In Kenya: I Am So Proud To Come Back Home - VIDEO HERE. 

2007: Michelle Obama Declares Obama Is Kenyan And America Is Mean - VIDEO HERE. 

2008: Michelle Obama Declares Barack Obama's Home Country Is Kenya - VIDEO HERE. 

FLASHBACK: Obama Is The Original Birther! Obama In 1991 Stated In His Own Bio He Was Born In Kenya. DETAILS HERE. 

SHOCK CLAIM: Breitbart Reporter Charles Johnson Has Documented Proof Obama is Indonesian Citizen - AUDIO HERE. 





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  1. Fascinating!!
    So Obama is holding back on attacking Iran.
    A President Romney who is right in Netanyahu's pocket, funded by Israelis in Tel Aviv and London not to mention AIPAC and has equally doubtful creditials - was his father an American citizen? - is now clearly the new chosen one - at least in some circles.
    Poor America between the devil and the deep blue.
    So you should all have got out there and backed the true patriot - whose treatment by the establishment and elite should have spoken a hundred volumes - Ron Paul.
    I guess its Gary Johnson 2012 or perdition and WW3.

  2. "Birthers" was the label the media, etc gave us who had done tons of homework when we saw all the flaws. They wanted that word to be a pock mark on us to try to shut us up, but the evidence was so solid, that we knew we were right (even though we din't have a computer/graphics degree) Most of us were proud to be Birthers- not because we wanted the President to be a fraud, but because we knew that ridicule and putting on airs that we were all crazy loons was exactly the tactics that Saul Alinsky wrote about in "Rules for Radicals" The MSM and their reporters were exactly what the Founders warned us about: when the Free Press (whose job it is to act as watchdogs over the 3 branches of government) - when they cease being forthright and honest jorunalists, that is the start of the end of our country and our freedoms. -----Reports didn't want to report the news from the the March 1st and July 17th news conferences, because it would be a thorn in the side for the one that were running interference for. So, news is only news when the media decides what the masses should know about. What a totally corrupt media we have. No wonder people are forced to go online and use other media outlets. WND had been on top of the BC issue and all the lawsuits since the spring of 2008. The American people will be shocked when all those things took place and they were left out the loop. The fraud that took place was a bad thing for our country. But how the media skirted around it and wouldn't report it almost on a daily basis. Moreover, they- along with the Presidents press secretaries flagrantly participated in the riducule of reporter Kinsolving when he asked a question about it. It was such an embarrassment as well as a travesty to have to watch. The bulk of the MSM need to be tarred & feathered for how they schemed to micromanage the covering-up. And it's a sorry day for our country when Russia's Pravda news not only had the details of what was happening, but admonished our media for keeping it all under wraps to help out the one they wanted to protect. They also dissed our Congress for not having hearings. A terrible blight on our country has taken place these last 4 years because of how the media allowed the cover-up to play out. Not only do the forgers need to be dealt with legally, but the media should be exposed for what it did. When the rest of America finally learns of the media's premeditated and orchestrated deception, most will turn away and seek out the alternative media outlets.

  3. Well, well, well Touche!!

    Obama took the Capitol of Israel out of his platform and now he will have his October Surprise!

    the jewish voting bloc dominos are about to fall.

    Israel is not his friend, la di dah, la di dah!

    if romney wants the florida jewish seniors, he will have to react to this!

  4. Obama must eat oscar mayer weiners, because a HIGHER AUTHORITY IS NOW RESPONDING TO HIS APOSTASY.



  5. JohnnyP says:

    It's likely that Netanyahu knows this, yet he remains silent.

    What an October surprise it would be if Bibi announced he was a birther. In my dreams.

  6. wheresobamasbirthcertificate.comSeptember 9, 2012 at 2:59 AM

    Make no mistake the facts are in the truth is the truth. Whatever the outcome of the election this will continue. We are not powerless the stamps are the only way we have to pursue this, yes we are taking other means however the stamps are spreading the message. I have dedicated all of my spare time to this. I urge you to join me and others put it on every bill, letter, eyc... Put it right back in their face. I am calling on all patriots please this is for us and our children's future. Let's stop this charade. Let's get to the root of the corruption.

  7. is this israeli page new or was it posted in march?

  8. all of the 1/4" dicks (including the women) in the judiciary have been paid off with pederasty gifts or old fashioned cash. Criminals. Traitors. Guilty of treason.

    stinky slimy criminal scumballs

    Fully 1/3rd of Americans know Obama is illegal.
    Keep trying to hide it, we ALL see you.

  9. What has Israel got to lose with Ofraud anyway? The Mossad knows who he is, he's a total hoax and fraud who trained at Patrice LaMumba University in Moscow and Muslim Brotherhood in Pakistan, who is NOT going to support Israel when push comes to shove with Iran.

  10. Jerome corsi is a traitor and a fraud. He said the only way to defeat obama is to elect mitt romney. He picks party over country. Mitt Romney is complicit in the fraud and coverup. 042-68-4425,1986-2009

  11. I sent the Israeli Science and Technology information and the link to my worthless members of Congress a few months ago and they just blew if off.

    It's pretty obvious and has been for years now that everyone knows Barry is a total and complete fraud........the problem is many do not care or even think it's cool, (and maybe they will get more free stuff), to have a professional con-artist pretending to be president.

    As for other countries, I'm sure at least some can find benefits for themselves in knowing America has a fraudulent, unconstitutional, serial identity thief as its putative president.

  12. OH-EM-GEEE!!!

    This guy was born the same year as the start of the Kenyan invasion of Hawaii!!


    I think NOT.

    1. rikker; "I think NOT"

      You got one thing right.

  13. ANY “ONE” of Top 10 reasons Barack Obama may NOT be CONSTITUTIONALLY eligible to be president --- (or even a “citizen”) ....

    1. Is he a "NATURAL Born” Citizen, for lack of "2" citizen parents as per Supreme Court decision Minor vs Happersett, (and 5 other decisions), and reaffirmed as recently as 2008 by Senate Resolution 511 in support of John McCain's eligibility. (his claimed father was never a U.S. citizen, and his mother was TOO YOUNG to constitutionally bestow citizenship – by effective law on date he was born) ???

    2. What is his true LEGAL "NAME", (he was born as Barack Obama "II", in addition to him now not using the "II", he was adopted as "Soetoro", and there are at least three other-different names he has additionally used during his life) ???

    3. Is he even a "CITIZEN" at all ??? (Is he an ILLEGAL ALIEN ???)

    A. His 2008 released "CertificaTION of Live Birth" does NOT prove U.S. birth. (IMPORTANT: Hawaii WILL issue Birth Certificates/tions to FOREIGN born residents as per Hawaii DOH 338 17.8 & 20.5 and this “filing/recording” WOULD have generated the NEWSPAPER ANNOUNCEMENTS of his birth).

    B. His April 27, 2007 released LFBC – Long Form Birth Certificate, has been demonstrated to be a FORGERY by numerous technical experts (up to PHD level), and computer/graphics professionals. No one has been able to duplicate a “scan-copy”, (even with OCR/optimization), with layers (as-they-exist) in the released PDF file.

    NOTE: BOTH of the above were only released by his "campaign" AND ONLY HELD BY HIS ATTORNEY and Communications Director, DAN PFEIFFER, Obama has NEVER actually "held" the LFBC. When released on April 27, 2007 his attorney was asked if "Obama" would hold the certificate; the reply was "NO he WILL NOT and I will NOT LEAVE IT IN THIS ROOM FOR HIM TO SEE". (giving Obama a future claim of "plausible deniability" that he has never actually “seen/held” the certificate released by this campaign & attorney's) If you pay careful attention to Obama’s exact words, he ALWAYS refers to his birth certificate as: “My Birth Certificate HAS BEEN SHOWN To You” --- instead of: “I” showed my birth certificate to you”.

    NOTE 2: The recent "Verification of Birth" from Hawaii only states that the information on file in Hawaii "indicates" he was (undated) born in Hawaii, and that “information matches”, BUT: They refused to use the terms "TRUE AND ACCURATE" to actually verify the released Obama birth-certificate. (IMPORTANT: A "Certificate/tion of Live Birth" as per Hawaii DOH 338 - 17.8 would indeed "indicate" he was born in Hawaii --- the only proof being required was that the “requestor” (not the baby)_was a “resident of Hawaii for a period of one-year”.)

    ************* To Be CONTINUED In Next Post

  14. ************** CONTINUED from Above

    3. Is he even a "CITIZEN" at all ??? (Is he an ILLEGAL ALIEN ???)

    C. Even IF he was indeed born in Hawaii as claimed, he was adopted and moved to Indonesia, where he reportedly was enrolled in school there as a “CITIZEN OF INDONESIA”. There is no record of him ever being re-naturalized. (and original birth-certificates are normally changed after adoptions so a birth-certificate matching the released one should not even exist anymore)
    D. He was “removed” from his mother’s passport after they moved to Indonesia and he became an Indonesian citizen. There is no record of him ever having a U.S. Passport prior to him becoming president. (It is rumored he traveled to Pakistan on an Indonesia passport.)

    E. His SS number appears to have been issued to a man from Connecticut born in 1890. (Obama fails "e-verify" requests and it is rumored he is also using several other SS numbers not issued to him)

    F. His Selective Service application appears to have been "created" in 2008 instead of (19)"80" as offcenter-indicated. (also signed on day AFTER date "stamped" with a signature that matches Obama's "recent" style of signature -- instead of his proven 1980 signature style)

    G. Up until he decided to run for office, Obama himself actually claimed he was "Born In Kenya, Raised In Hawaii and Indonesia". (and when running for Senate ADMITTED he was not a "Natural Born" citizen but excused it as he was not (yet) running for "president" – Note it was not suspected he may not even be a “citizen” at that time)

    NOTE: Obama was either LYING THEN or NOW ... Both can't be true !!! Which is it ???

    (And IF he fraudently lied to obtain student-loans as a FOREIGN student, is that not a CRIME ???)

    One final question: Could a very large scar, (visible in certain light), on Obama’s head indicate that he may in fact be Bari Malik Shabazz who was badly injured in an automobile accident IN HAWAII, who skipped bail, and was later was reported (but unverified) dead. Bari M. Shabazz is Malcolm X’s son.

  15. Here it comes,finally National exposure without excuses. Will Breitbart and Drudge post the news? What about FOX "balanced and unafraid"?

  16. Yes because who you going t call when you need a forensic document examiner, why of course a molecular biologist.

  17. The irony amuses me that this birther delusion continues to outsource means of gain to foreign nationals such as this gentleman and the ever-popular Lord Monckton.

  18. Israel Hanukoglu is correct. I found Obama's Kenya BC:

  19. The only problem with this story is we already know the truth. A 16 year old kid with rudimentary knowledge in Adobe can easily establish the so called birth docs pulled from the White House website is a clear forgery. A poor one at that. We knew that in 2008 dammit!

    This liar said first he met constitutional requirements in states that require candidates to meet US Constitutional Requirements being a natural born citizen, then proclaiming publicly he was a "naturalized" citizen.

    What we need is congress to open the books on this colossal POS Obama right now. We need states attorney generals and secretary of states to cowboy up and challenge the liar in chief.

    But first, they need to search really hard for a couple rare commodities these days and one is integrity, another is brains, another is courage, another is honesty, and another is respect for the people they work for. I frankly do not see any of that in congress, the senate, states attorneys or secretary of states, yet. .

  20. Ryan's mistaken marathon time is making the news, but a false identity and usurper taking over the white house is not newsworthy. I'm sorry, i'll stop being racist. my apologies.

  21. My Buhrock is laughing at you birfers. He says dat he gibs himself "incomplete" cause he needs four mo years to finish destroying dis country. Also, he insists dat you include his full name whenever you address him - Buhrock Hussein Obama II. He is duh son of a commie - what did duh fools think he was going to do?

  22. I have been saying this for a while. Barack Obama cannot get a security clearance in the United States to even visit secure sites.
    He is serving the office of president illegally and offending every citizens rights. He has divided the country so severely there is little unity in opposing him as a fruad.
    The entire world is now starting to pay the price for his crimes that have been left unchecked by our government and maybe if he somehow illegally gets re-elected the United Nations will take notice.
    Barack Obama has become a menace.

  23. Hey hey Mr Corsi!!!!!!!!!
    Calling you.
    What a hypercrite.
    Veterans Today.
    Mitt Romney's father was a Mexican citizen when he was born.
    Oops sorry! Apparently thats OK.
    Right party for Mr Corsi?
    So the whole thing has been a political hatchet job.
    Well some of us are genuine and object regardless of politics.
    We genuinely support the Constitution not just for party politicking.

  24. Mitt Romney's father was a U.S. citizen when Mitt was born.

    1. @ anon 10:38 I did not look at the site you posted. I remember back in March of this year . Herb Titus said it was very unlikely that Mitt Romney's father could have been a citizen of the US at the time of Mitt's. birth. I would trust the words and thoughts of Herb Titus before I would believe anything produced from Mitty Mouse.

  25. I knew at first glance the BC was a digital forgery (as did the rest of the world), and I'm a nobody.

    It's it for a minute or two; if anyone says it is not a forgery is either a liar, a moron, or a coward.

    The government and media, compromised by the elitists/banksters/New World Orderites, ARE GUILTY in foisting this upon the American people and the world. Their crime is the biggest hoax in America's history.

    Those guilty will have this follow them the rest of their lives...and one day they will be found out.

    And Obots, you are equally complicit and guilty in this; YOU ARE NOT STUPID...BUT YOU ARE LIARS AND DISINGENUOUS.

    Your usurper "president" is not legimate and one day this will be realized by everyone. Lying to the American people is the worst thing a president can do.

    And "national security" does not apply here...

  26. Mitt Romney's father was a U.S. citizen when Mitt was born.

    So lets see the documentation please and prove VT is wrong.
    Until then I support the real concept of a NBC and believe it muct apply to all parties.

  27. I'm asking for every patriot here, worth his or her salt, to spend the next few days pitching this story to every media site and plastering it on every blog. You know about from ORYR, but how is the people acros the country going to get the message. I think the Romney camp could really use something like this, they should be contacted. The superpacs that make the comercials shoul be contacted. The talk-show hosts sgould be contacted: Alex Jones, should know abut this right away. Finally, Israel Hanukoglu, should be contacted and thanked for his forthcomingness and courage and should be in contact with Sheriff Arpaio to organize a team of Isreli scientists to act as out-side experts to verify everything that arpaio's team has come up with. So contact Arpaio, Corsi, Trump Zullo, Orly Taitz, etc, etc. Make it go viral. This story has unique power; it wil be politically difficult for Obama to criticize a well connected Israeli days before the election.

  28. Well, this certainly IS a bombshell revelation!!!

    Has anyone contacted Ronnie Polland to let him know?

  29. See and download Mitt’s genealogy chart and citizenship status analysis for him and his parents at this link:

  30. Attorney Titus never said any such thing about Romney.

  31. George Romney was born an American via his American citizen parents. He may not have been a NBC himself, being born of American citizens (plural)but not born in the U.S., but his son, Mitt, is a NBC since he was born to American citizen parents (they don't have to be NBC themselves but they were U.S. citizens by law) in the U.s.. Obots don't know, or choose not to comprehend NBC v citizen for their own illicit motivations.

  32. rikker said...[Reply]
    Well, this certainly IS a bombshell revelation!!!


    Well, whaddayaknow, he's seen the light and figured out what anyone with two working adjacent brain cells could and did figure out in no time. Obots do tend to take a little longer to figure out what average logical thinking people see immediately....that is, when a thug is trying to pull the wool over their this case the thug chose a real dolt to perform his dirty forgery it was even easier.

  33. Sancho Pnaza said...[Reply]
    The irony amuses me that this birther delusion continues to outsource means of gain to foreign nationals such as this gentleman and the ever-popular Lord Monckton.

    September 9, 2012 9:45 AM

    Obots are soooo jealous!

  34. This information has been known for months. Someone posted the link here a couple of months ago, and I posted it here a couple of times myself. I also sent the information to the tip line at Breitbart, the Drudge Report and The Blaze.

    Send it again, maybe they will wake up....but I doubt it.

  35. So we are assured that Mitt Romney is a NBC.
    Then it makes it even more monstrous that this man, whose only allegiance should be to the American people, has just returned back after taking many millions of campaign contributions - some suggest illegally - from Israel and Jews in London.
    The same people who murdered 30 odd American sailors on USS Liberty and who, with compelling evidence, were deeply involved in the murder of three thousand Americans and the bombing of the twin towers.
    WRH is currently running a number of superb items showing Israeli involvment in the terrorist attack on NYC.
    Some might call it treason.
    The evidence is overwhelming.

  36. PART 1

    "before I would believe anything produced from Mitty Mouse"

    It wasn't produced by "Mitty Mouse" it was produced by Navy Cdr. Charles Kerchner who is also genealogist and well versed in natural born citizenship. But don't let the facts get in your way!

    George Wilcken ROMNEY (Citizen of U.S.)-17385 was born on 8 Jul 1907 in Mexico. He died on 26 Jul 1995 in Bloomfield Hills, Oakland County, MI. George married Lenore Emily LAFOUNT (Citizen of U.S.)-17386 on 2 Jul 1931 in Salt Lake City, UT.

    CITIZENSHIP: George Romney was a Citizen of the United States per U.S. "jus sanguinis" laws going back to the founding of our nationa and also per the U.S. Nationality Act of 1940. He was born in Mexico of U.S. Citizen parents and thus George Romney is a "Citizen" at birth under U.S. laws including the U.S. Nationality Act of 1940. Detractors claim that George Romney's parents legally renounced their U.S. Citizenship while in Mexico and thus could not pass along their U.S. Citizenship by jus sanginis to their son George Romney. There is absolutely no evidence of that. Thus George Romany was a Citizen of the United States at birth via inheriting it under U.S. "jus sanguinis" law from his father. He did not have to naturalize in later life when he migrated back to his parents' native land, the USA, since he was deemed by U.S. law to be a "Citizen" at birth since he inherited his U.S. Citizenship "jus sanguinis" from his U.S. Citizen father Gaskell Romney, even though George was born in Mexico. George Romney was not a "natural born Citizen" at birth and thus was not himself eligible to be President but he was a basic "Citizen" of the U.S. at birth and thus could reenter the USA as a Citizen and did not have to naturalize later in life. He was recognized by all U.S. laws as a U.S. Citizen long before 1940 but the National Act of 1940 which clearly stated that people in George Romney's status were Citizens of the United States at birth. That act was adopted 7 years prior to Mitt Romney being born in Detroit MI. Mitt was thus clearly born to two U.S. Citizens in the USA and he is a "natural born Citzen of the United States" and Mitt is eligible to be President. George was not eligible. Mitt is eligible. Re. Mexican law. The current Mexican Constitution adopted in 1917 grants Mexican nationality by virtue of birth on Mexican soil. But George Romney was born in 1907 under the previous Mexican Constitution adopted in 1857. It did not recognize only jus soli, birth on the soil only. The parents had to be Mexican to gain Mexican nationality at birth. The Gaskell Romney family living as U.S. Citizen for a time in Mexico left in 1913 due to the Mexican Revolution. Neither Gaskell nor his wife Anna ever lost their U.S. Citizenship in Mexico nor is there any evidence that they renounced it and formally naturalized in Mexico. They were birthright U.S. Citizens when they went to Mexico and their son George when born there inherited his U.S. Citizenship by U.S. "jus sanguinis" laws and they were all U.S. Citizens when they returned to the USA in 1913. Citizens at Birth under U.S. laws such as George Romney do not have to file any naturalization paper work since they were born to U.S. Citizen parents. Here is a copy of the relevant section of the 1857 Mexican Constitution which was in effect when George Romney was born in 1907.

    Continued in next comment

  37. PART 2

    Of the mexicans
    30. Are mexicans:
    I. All persons born within or outside the territory of the Republic, from Mexican parents.
    II. Foreigners naturalicen in accordance with the laws of the federation.
    III. Foreigners who acquire real estate in the Republic or have mexican children, provided that they do not manifest the resolution to retain his nationality.

    The 1886 Mexican "Law of Alienage and Naturalisation" still maintained a the main "jus sanguinis" law but added a provision to Mexican law to grant Mexican nationality to someone born in Mexico "jus soli" if they maintained residency in Mexico until the age of majority, i.e., adulthood. There was also another provision in the 1886 law which provided for loss of Mexican status for extended absence from the country without due cause. Since George Romney departed Mexico as a child of age 5 or 6 with his parents circa 1913 when they returned to their native country, the USA, this 1886 law did not apply to George Romney since he did not maintain residency in Mexico until the age of majority.

    1. Herb Titus said that long before Romney came up with that documentation. Why don't Mitt call the fraud in the WH then? b/c Karl Rove told him not to ? Lmao

  38. @rikker
    Who is this rikker idiot?

  39. "@rikker
    Who is this rikker idiot?"

    Who I am is insignificant. My message, however, is not insignificant.

    The Kenyan occupation of Hawaii from 1952 - 1968 contains all the answers to your questions about Barack Obama's parentage. Barack's father was a part of the occupation army that invaded and subjugated an ill-prepared cadre of Americans in Honolulu. That city's name was promptly changed to New Mombasa and the Kenyan rampaged thru the island, raping a pillaging.

    If not for the War of 1968, Hawaii might yet be languishing under the yoke of Kenyan oppression.

  40. @rikker
    WTF are you talking about?

    Moderator Ban this dude.

  41. Birthers are beautiful.

    1. Do I need to ask again? Why don't Romney call Obama's hand on his fraudulent ass? Because Karl Rove told him not to? lmao

  42. @Tony
    You are right Mitt Romney’s father (George) was an US Citizen but not a NBC.

    George was born in Mexico to two US Citizen parents.

    To be a NBC the parent’s of the child doesn’t need to be a NBC but just US citizen.

    Because George parents were US Citizen when George was born in Mexico give George US citizenship and Mexican citizenship. Now because George was an US citizen at the time his kids were born, makes all of them US citizen but if the mother was also an US citizen and born in the USA make them all NBC.

    Mitt’s mother was US citizen and Mitt was born in the USA to a Father who had US citizenship, makes Mitt a NBC.

  43. communist rikker is the frank marshall davis of florida.

    1. @ FatherTime . that's not what I said. Remember when Bret Bair tried to say that O was eligible? I thought he was trying to clear a path for Rubio. Maybe it was to cover for Romney. Anyway, remember Herb Titus challenged Bret to come on his show to smack Him silly? Well a few weeks before that is when I read what Titus said. I saw it at The Daily Pen . I don't have the link and I don't remember the date but Titus said then that it was unlikely that Mitt's daddy was a US citizen at the time of Mitt's birth.

  44. "@rikker
    WTF are you talking about?

    Moderator Ban this dude."

    Ban me? WHY? You act as if the Kenyan occupation of Hawaii (which has NEVER been mentioned in our mewlingly complicit MSM) is not a precipitating factor in the usurpation of the U.S. presidency. When the Founding Fathers accepted Hawaii's application for statehood in 1761, they NEVER would have foreseen that a gaggle of Kenyan hordes would have risen up out of the sea and implanted a Manchurian son upon American soil.

    It took the strength and vision of a resurgent Richard Nixon in the summer of 1968 to seize the reins of power from Landon Johnson and mount a counter-offensive which ultimately drove the Kenyans from our sovereign soil.

  45. I sure wish that people would use a fictitious screen name rather than post as ANONYMOUS. Some using that name in response comments are actually bruiliant while the majority using ANONYMOUS are obviously genetically short-changed in the I.Q. mwntality.

    Also, those who think they are hiding behind the name ANONYMOUS are mis-informed. EVERY posting on the Internet can be rraced to the computer upon which it was created.

  46. rikker is mizz fogbow

    and she ain't here for her looks

    but as our resident liar

    she seig heils liars-in-chief

  47. Question;
    Is Rikker that posts on this site the same person, William Littel Bryan Jr. that is referred to in an article that is posted at ?

  48. "it was unlikely that Mitt's daddy was a US citizen at the time of Mitt's birth"

    Well, the actual LAW is posted above for all to see that Mitt was indeed born to two U.S. citizen parents.

    But again, don't let the facts get in your way!

  49. "Question;
    Is Rikker that posts on this site the same person, William Littel Bryan Jr. that is referred to in an article that is posted at ?"

    Yes. He IS William Littel Bryan Jr.

    1. @anon 2:52 . Listen idiot. I said Titus said that BEFORE the documentation was presented. Again I ask. . Whay don't Mitt call Obama's hand? b/c Karl Rove told him not to? Who's running for Prez? Mitt Romney or Karl Rove?

  50. Okay Mr. Moderator,
    Rikker just admitted who he is and the organization he represents, yet you continue to allow him to post his drevel on here.
    You truly disappoint me. I have followed ORYR for nearly 4 years thinking you were standing up for God fearing American patriots. Obviously, you're not. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

  51. Anon 3:09 said: "Please correct me if I'm wrong."

    You're wrong.

    And, I might add, you're stupid.

  52. Barry's real BC is in the Kenyan Archives in London. His BC was public info until 2009 when Hillary went to London as SoS and the BC was then sealed.

    Obama Sr's. Kenyan family history was recently uncovered in the London archives, including info that he was the father of 2 sons born in Kenya before Kenyan independence in 1963 (after which he had at least 1 more son). One of his 2 sons born in Kenya prior to independence (his 2nd son) was born in 1961. Barry is his only son born in 1961 and is Obama Sr's. 2nd son.

  53. "Barry's real BC is in the Kenyan Archives in London. His BC was public info until 2009 when Hillary went to London as SoS and the BC was then sealed."

    All of Barry's Kenyan records were sealed in Britain because the Brits were upset at how recklessly we treated their Kenyan surrogates in the War of 1968. If America would come clean and admit how savagely we treated the conquering Kenyan armies, the Brits might be persuaded to release the real records before Obama runs again in 2016.

  54. Rather funny! When you get on an Obot's toes, they all come out of the woodwork. Except you Mr. Moderator. Have you sold-out too?

  55. rikker said...[Reply]
    Who is this rikker idiot?"

    Who I am is insignificant.
    You said it!!

  56. @Tony

    Sorry I miss read your post BUT why wouldn’t George be a US Citizen at birth?

    It was never question a child born outside of the US to an US citizen parent as long the parent was old enough, that child is an US citizen.

    So the only way George was not a US citizen at birth in Mexico is if one of his parents were not an US Citizen or too young. George parents were US Citizen when they left the US for Mexico so unless anyone can prove George parents gave up or lost their US Citizenship then George was an US Citizen at birth.

    1. @ fatherTime. I don't know. Maybe ask Herb Titus why he thought that

  57. > So the only way George was not a US citizen at birth in Mexico [...]

    It matters naught if George Romney was a US citizen. As long as he also was a Mexican citizen when Mitt was born, Mitt has dual citizenship and is thus ineligible - if the Vattelists are right.

    Note: I do not think the Vattelists are right. I believe Vattelism is another Marxist propaganda stunt. Because almost all Vattelists also have the "you're not an NBC if you're a dual citizen at birth" story going. Which would allow Britain to disenfranchise us all by amending their Nationality Act to include anyone born in the US, effectively making any future children born dual citizens and thus, according to Vattelists, ineligible.
    That is ridiculous on its face, but it would create the chaos and legal vacuum that our enemies would love to push for.

  58. @Tony

    I am not speaking for Herb Titus but Herb videos I have seen was about NBC and I know Herb would agree George was not a NBC. There was question if George was a NBC when he was going to run for POTUS.

    It is funny how hard it is to keep up with all the misinformation.

    We know in 1961 the law stated the parents had to be over 19 to pass on their US Citizenship if the child was born out of the USA and it looks like that law might have been change now but that was the law in 1961 but George parents were in their 30’s when George was born in 1907 so it would be hard to believe the law in 1907 would cut George out of US citizenship.

    This is why if Obama was born outside of the USA he is not an US Citizen.

    Don’t get me wrong I don’t think Obama was born in Kenya or Hawaii if Ann is the mother and she was in WSU 19 days if Obama was born on 8-19-1961. That 19 days is a little unreal to believe Ann gave birth, flew and set up for collage in such a short time frame.

    Canada is a better fit but one knows without records.

  59. @Anonymous Hold it. This shows that Mitt is probably NOT eligible. Look again at provision III in the relevant (1857) Mexican constitution:

    Mexicans are "Foreigners who acquire real estate in the Republic or have mexican children, provided that they do not manifest the resolution to retain his nationality."

    Because George Romney was born in Mexico, he was by definition a Mexican child and would have automatically become a Mexican citizen at the age of majority. Therefore, by the provision cited above, George's parents automatically became Mexican citizens UNLESS they expressly manifested their resolution to retain U.S. citizenship. They probably also acquired real estate in Mexico, so it appears that unless someone comes up with proof that George's parents manifested their resolve to retain U.S. Citizenship (this would require a positive act in Mexico, not merely non-action), George's parents became Mexican citizens for two reasons:

    (1)They (probably) acquired real estate in Mexico.

    (2)They had a Mexican child (George).

    Either reason by itself would suffice, so it seems that George's parents were therefore very likely Mexican citizens. That means George was very likely born with unitary Mexican citizenship, which was never superseded by U.S. naturalization. Therefore, Mitt Romney was not born to two U.S.-citizen parents and is not eligible for the presidency.

  60. "That means George was very likely born with unitary Mexican citizenship, which was never superseded by U.S. naturalization. Therefore, Mitt Romney was not born to two U.S.-citizen parents and is not eligible for the presidency."

    The key word here is "superseded": Who decides that one nations laws supersedes another? It would seem that the default of supersession should rest in the country in which a child is naturally born a citizen, having parents that are themselves citizens of the same country upon the begetting of the child and of the same continuance of the mother upon birthering the child in the same country.

  61. @ Anonymous 12:31Pm

    That doen't even read like what Mexican constitution should read like.

    Show a link to prove your point.

    Mexicans are "Foreigners who acquire real estate in the Republic or have mexican children, provided that they do not manifest the resolution to retain his nationality."

    If this is true then George parents had duel citizenship and I never question if George was a Mexican at birth but his parents US Citizenship went to George to give him duel citizenship.

    As far as the US government goes a person cannot lose his or her US citizenship, unless they put it in writing with the US government. We have heard that over Obama’s Indonesian citizenship.

    If it is in writing for Obama or the Romneys it will need to be uncover.

  62. > It would seem that the default of supersession should rest in the country in which a child is naturally born a citizen, having parents that are themselves citizens of the same country upon the begetting of the child and of the same continuance of the mother upon birthering the child in the same country.

    And what happens if the child is not a "natural born citizen" of any country by your Vattelist definition?
    What if the child has US citizen parents but is born in Canada? Does "ius soli" (Canada) or "ius sanguinis" (USA) win? And why the one and not the other?

    You see, your Vattelist nonsense is leading to all kinds of contradictions and "it is so because I want it to be so" arguments.

    I remain steadfast in my opinion that Vattelism is an attempt to thwart our Constitution, not to protect it.

  63. Vattel would cover this.

    Nowhere is it written a person has to be a NBC of any country and most born outside of their home country are only citizen of their home country and by law a citizen of the country they were born in. The law of the USA is if born here you are an US Citizen.

    Not all countries give Citizenship to one born in their country.

  64. And what happens if the child is not a "natural born citizen" of any country by your Vattelist definition?
    What if the child has US citizen parents but is born in Canada? Does "ius soli" (Canada) or "ius sanguinis" (USA) win? And why the one and not the other?

    Dual citizenship is awarded to such children. Example my Grandparents were missionaries in India where my Aunt was born, She is to this day a dual citizen of both the US and India, even though both parents are US citizens at the time.

    If Obama was born in Hawaii he is a dual citizen, of US by mother and Kenya/Britain by father. He would in that case be a dual US citizen, but not a NBC.

    These laws have to do with loyalty. What if Obama's dad was the king of Saudi Arabia, but his mom is ann dunham, could he ever be president of the United States could he ever be the king of Saudi Arabia? And what if the two nations are on the verge of war wih each other? All those complications can simply be avoided by following the constituton: Natural Born Citizens only for pres. and vice pres.

    If I interpreted it as loosely as you I would try and make Benjamin Netanyahu our pres, but you would object and it would be for the same kind of reasoning for which I am objecting to Obama. So give it a rest and help us to get a new president, a NBC!

  65. This Story may go the distance:

    It certainly does seem to be spreading exponentially online.

    Pretty soon, hopefully, Benjamin Netanyahu will be reading it out of the Jerusalem Post!

  66. @Fathertime

    Here is the Romney-relevant section of the 1857 Mexican Constitution, found at I have already provided the English translation of provision III of Article 30:

    De los Mexicanos
    Art. 30. Son mexicanos:
    I. Todos los nacidos dentro o fuera del territorio de la
    Republica, de padres mexicanos.
    II. Los extranjeros que se naturalicen conforme a las leyes
    de la federacion.
    III. Los extranjeros que adquieran bienes raices en la
    Republica o tengan hijos mexicanos, siempre que no
    manifiesten la resolucion de conservar su nacionalidad.

  67. @Harry II

    Thanks the translation is why it didn’t read right.

    The one thing over the last 4 years I have learn is just because another country has a law it don’t over rule the US law.

    Mexico 1857 Constitution made the Romney’s Mexican citizen but Mexico law can’t take away their US Citizenship. The Romney’s would have to put it in writing with the US Government give up their citizenship.

    Ask yourself this question: “If a country you are in at the time passed a law everyone in the country at this time gives up their citizenship and becomes this country Citizen, do you think the US will go along?”

    The US doesn’t give up their citizens to other countries unless the US Citizen wants to free of this country.

    Under Obama we have the highest number of US Citizens oversea giving up their US Citizenship. My guess is taxes.

  68. > These laws have to do with loyalty.

    No, they have to do with foreign usurpation.

    Loyalty can never be tested, positively or negatively, by law. I always ask the Vattelists why they are fine with Charles Manson (born in the US to citizen parents), yet not with someone who was born in the US to a citizen mother and loves the country with all his heart, just because his father only naturalized one day after the child was born. The loyalty argument is bogus and trying to retcon the Founders.

    > If I interpreted it as loosely as you I would try and make Benjamin Netanyahu our pres, but you would object and it would be for the same kind of reasoning for which I am objecting to Obama.

    Netanyahu was not born a US citizen, therefore your comparison is inappropriate.

    And if he had been born a US citizen, I would object to him becoming President at the voting booth, not by contorting a pseudo-legal argument why my opinion on loyalty somehow was the law of the land.

    I repeat: the whole "dual citizen" argument (Obama not an NBC because Britain considers him a citizen) cannot be defended against the question what would happen if Britain declared us all its citizens. This interpretation is about as un-American as can be.

    (And of course I take exception to most Vattelists who claim one cannot be a "birther" without also being a Vattelist, effectively labeling me "Obot" for disagreeing with them. I have other reservations against "Obama" than pseudo-legal arguments on someone's parents and foreign citizenship laws.)

  69. I hate to break it to you 'rikker', but there was no "War Of 1968"...does your mother know you're playing on her computer? I think it's nap time for you...

  70. @Randy Mitchell: "I hate to break it to you 'rikker', but there was no "War Of 1968""

    Au contraire, Monsewer. The War of 1968, in which American forces swept the Kenyan hordes from their position astride the Hawaiian Islands, is a seminal moment in American history.

    In 1952, the Kenyans rampaged across the Atlantic and conquered Honduras on their way to a massive battle against the Hawaiians. The Hawaiians battled as best they could, but the Kenyans were better prepared. Hawaii fell.

    For 16 years Hawaii languished under the yoke of Kenyan rule. The inhabitants fell to the predations of those savage black Africans.

    Finally, in 1968 Richard Nixon cobbled together a force of Oregonians and sailed to New Mombasa (as Honolulu was then called). The Oregonians surprised the Kenyans and drove them into the sea, never to return.

    And the only reason YOU don't know about these battles is the veil of secrecy drawn over the whole affair by a complicit U.S. MSM.

    But I'm not afraid to speak on it. I certainly am not.

  71. For all of these bickerings from folks about birth certificates, most of you are still full of .......... and has forgotten what Lady Liberty stands for! Have you ever looked at yourself at the mirror after you do all these bashings to Obama or anyone? How do you sleep?

    Can u dig this?

  72. This site is a joke. A ridiculous joke. You need to learn to separate yourselves from everything you know and have been brought up to know and look at America anew. She needs an overhaul. Shit hasn't worked thus far and you're all *STILL* scratching your heads and wondering why or accusing Obama for everything. Again, ridiculous. Accept change. Accept Progression and STOP WHINING.


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