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Thursday, September 13, 2012

State Officials Considering Obama Citizenship
Michigan Chronicle via Huffington Post
(Hat tip Anon)

Kansas officials plan to hold a hearing Thursday afternoon to weigh whether President Barack Obama is a citizen and should appear on the state's November ballot.

The Kansas Objections Board will be considering a challenge filed by Joe Montgomery, a Manhattan resident, who Monday objected to Obama being on the ballot. He claims the president is not an American citizen since his father was a citizen of the United Kingdom and Kenya. The all-Republican board -- which consists of Secretary of State Kris Kobach, Lt. Gov. Jeff Colyer and Attorney General Derek Schmidt -- has the power to remove Obama from the ballot in his mother's home state.

Montgomery, the communications coordinator for the College of Veterinary Medicine at Kansas State University, said in his filing that he does not believe Obama meets the criteria for citizenship because of his father's citizenship. He cites several Supreme Court rulings in the filing, which he says validate his argument. In the filing, Montgomery said that the rulings show a "natural born citizen" is a person born of two American citizens. 


UPDATE 1 via CDR Kerchner: KS board needs more information regarding Obama ID fraud and constitutional eligibility. Will continue the hearing into the matter on Monday. Read here:

UPDATE 2: Kansas panel delays ballot decision on Obama - Kobach seeks Democrat's birth records from Hawaii:


UPDATE 4: Kansas Obama Ballot Challenger Intimidated Into Submission: Withdrawals Challenge;

UPDATE 5: Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach Moving Forward With Obama Ballot Access Challenge - DETAILS HERE.

2006: Obama In Kenya: I Am So Proud To Come Back Home - VIDEO HERE.  2007: Michelle Obama Declares Obama Is Kenyan And America Is Mean - VIDEO HERE.  2008: Michelle Obama Declares Barack Obama's Home Country Is Kenya - VIDEO HERE.  FLASHBACK: Obama Is The Original Birther! Obama In 1991 Stated In His Own Bio He Was Born In Kenya. DETAILS HERE. 
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  1. WOW! Didn't hear about this. Sneak attack. Let's see if they have any balls. If they do things will start rolling. If they dont we are right back to square one

    1. Oooow he a gay wetback bitch.

  2. LOL!! You've never been anyplace BUT Square One. It should be familiar by now.

  3. @Anonymous"If they dont we are right back to square one."

    There's absolutely no chance of this ballot change being successful. The era of court challenges is over. Two months, y'all, and it doesn't look good.

  4. "Two months, y'all, and it doesn't look good. "

    Yep. And Romney isn't doing much to help himself. The carpetbombing isn't affecting Obama the way it affected Gingrich.

    Romney had better hope Obama fumbles the debates badly.

  5. the turbanbombing isn't affecting soetoro the way it affected gingrich. Romney 49...communist 48.

  6. Ain't he cute? Dats my Buhrock. He wrote a book about his dreamy Kenyan muslim communist alcoholic polygamist father......who met a violent end in Kenya.....Buhrock's father land. For some reason, Buhrock only met his dreamy father for a short time and he never talks about his stepfather, Lolo, or is it Lulu? I forgets.

  7. the ID theft is the prudent way to go since evidence exist and the Perkins/Coie morons don't want discovery on those cases. The issue of standing will be brought up and "we the people" have no rights. The hijacked Republic is a lawless rogue government by both parties.

  8. @rikker

    Romney had better hope Obama fumbles the debates badly.

    Even with all the leftist liberal debate moderators, Obama should get a hidden Axelrod teleprompter. LoL.

  9. PRAY that this is good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. @rikker

    Yep. And Romney isn't doing much to help himself. The carpetbombing isn't affecting Obama the way it affected Gingrich.

    Yeah rikker, keep on believing those idiot liberal polls that over poll Dems by many percentage points to keep you Commies fat, dumb, and happy. Rikker - "I believe!!" LoL.

  11. RS said: "Yeah rikker, keep on believing those idiot liberal polls"

    hee-hee-hee-hee!!! I love setting you up for the big nyuck-nyuck-nyuck, RS!!

  12. It started at 2:00 o'clock. It's been four hours. They should come to a decision today. If they don't come to one it's not looking good based on past ballot challenges.

  13. Anon said: " Romney 49...communist 48."

    wait for it.....WAIT FOR IT.....


    1. Oh isn't he cute in his little dress? And he's pigtails, I bet Rikker is foaming at the mouth.

  14. The kansas board says they want certified documents from hawaii and certified documents from 2 other states where challenges have been brought. They are just kicking the can down the road.

  15. Tabled until next week to allow the Kansas board time to consult with Hawaii.

    Nyuck nyuck nyuck.

  16. Hey in that picture with Larry Sinclair did anybody notice that the shirt rikker is wearing looks very much like a maternity top that a pregnant woman wears. Wonder why a guy would wear something like that. What is rikker trying to cover up??

  17. California Birther/Dualer/DoubterSeptember 13, 2012 at 4:16 PM

    Now that would be poetic justice for the SOB to slapped down by the officials in the home state of myself and his purported mama. He'll be wishing for a tornado to come by and take him and Bo-Bo back to Kenya.

  18. "I was a mixed kid raised by a single mom."

  19. oh no obots this is only the beginning again! The truth is coming and obum is going to jail, make no mistake, the fraud kenyan con man is going to get his just rewards! Count on it assholes!

    Posted on | September 8, 2012 | 5 Comments

    Press release

    Law offices of Dr. Orly Taitz

    Honorable Sherry K. Reid granted a motion by Attorney Orly Taitz to conduct an emergency hearing for injunction preventing Candidate for the U.S. President in 2012 Barack Hussein Obama to be on the ballot in the State of Indiana due to fraud committed by Obama and due to his use of forged IDs.

    Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barack (Barry) Soetoro, aka Barack(Barry) Soebarkah, a citizen of Indonesia and possibly still a citizen of Kenya, committed fraud by submitting his candidacy to be on the ballot in Indiana and other states, as he is using a forged birth certificate, forged Selective Service certificate and a stolen Connecticut Social Security number 042-68-4425 as a proof of his identity.

    Hearing in Indiana is scheduled only 2 days after a hearing in Jackson, Mississippi before federal judge Henry Wingate. It is expected that the hearing in Indiana will be more fruitful, as there is still a question of jurisdiction of Federal court in Mississippi and legitimacy of removal of the case from the Supreme Court of Mississippi to the Federal court by the defendants Democratic party of Mississippi and Secretary of State of Mississippi. While the decision of Judge Wingate in MS might be limited to jurisdiction of the Federal court (as there was a stay on Plaintiff’s filing on other issues) there is expected to be a ruling on preliminary injunction in Indiana. Judge Reid is asked to bar/block/ prevent placement of Obama’s name on the ballot in general election due to Obama’s use of forged IDs or temporary block placement of his name until valid original IDs are provided to overcome a mountain of evidence of fraud. Fraud and forgery were detected in his alleged birth certificate, Selective Service certificate and Social Security number.

    Additionall,y in MS Plaintiff Taitz sought sanctions and an evidential hearing against attorneys Sam Begley and Scott J. Tepper, who submitted to court Obama’s alleged copy of birth certificate, seeking judicial notice, de facto legitimization of it, while they had in their possession evidence pointing to forgery in that certificate. California bar responded to a complaint by attorney Taitz regarding breach of ethics by attorney Scott J.Tepper, who is a CA attorney, representing the Democratic party of MS under pro hac vice. Ca Bar stated that alleged forgery of Obama’s birth certificate is a matter of National security and needs to be resolved by the trial court and law enforcement. Criminal complaints were submitted to the Attorney General of MS, District Attorney of Hinds County MS, District Attorney of Los Angeles County and Orange County CA, as well as MS bar. There was no response from them yet.

    Currently Attorney and Doctor Orly Taitz is making arrangements to fly to MS and from there to Indiana.

    Taitz is asking supporters to be there in court to support her and donate for her work and for the expenses of these cases and other cases currently in different stages in TX, CA and other states.

    MS hearing

    September 24, 9:30 am

    Federal Court building

    Jackson MS

    U.S. district Judge Henry Wingate

    IN hearing

    September 26, 1:30 pm

    Marion County Superior Court

    Indianapolis , IN

    Judge Sherry K.Reid

    End of Press Release.

  20. Hey, maybe I was wrong about this being immediately dismissed! Take at look:

    "5:52 p.m. — The all-Republican Kansas Objections Board voted unanimously on Thursday afternoon to delay a final decision on Obama’s eligibility for the state’s ballot until a meeting Monday, pending either documentation on the president’s citizenship from Hawaii officials or the presence of the Obama campaign.

    "According to tweets from the meeting, Kobach proposed that the board meet again Monday to discuss Obama’s citizenship and look into receiving more documentation. Board members expressed concern that Obama’s campaign did not attend the hearing, instead submitting a letter defending the president and saying he is eligible for the ballot in Kansas. State Democratic Party spokesman Dakota Loomis told HuffPost earlier Thursday that Democrats would not be attending the hearing, which he dismissed as 'fictitious and baseless.'

    "Joe Montgomery, the Kansas State University employee who brought the objection, attended the hearing. Tweets from meeting attendees indicated that the entire board had concerns about Obama’s campaign not attending."

    Next time I won't be such a nay-sayer--learned my lesson! Let's hope they stand up for the law.

  21. commie rikker nyucking it up until the cattle car comes for him. Just donts axks for the no smoking section, comrade. bwahahhahahaha!!!!!!!

  22. "I was a mixed kid born to a single mom."

  23. @Anonymous "I was a mixed kid raised by a single mom"

    Rikker sure looks like he could be a mulatto just like his boy obama. Take a look at his picture with Larry Sinclair and tell me I'm wrong. Hmmmmm perhaps his mama was a white slut too. Maybe his daddy was a white race mixer. Wonder which nativity scenario is accurate?

  24. Update 7 p.m. ET: KS board needs more information regarding Obama ID fraud and constitutional eligibility. Will continue the hearing into the matter on Monday. Read here:

  25. "I was a mixed kid BORN to a single mom."

    She married his dad on February 2, 1961 and divorced him in 1964. BHO was born August 4, 1961...

  26. rikker reminds me of a big fat hog. oink oink

  27. Freudian Slip: Mixed-Kid Obama Now Says He Was Born To Single Mom; No Goat Herder?

  28. Kansas unlike any other state. No corrupt judges involved. Just a 3 member board...all Republicans!
    d. Objections
    An objection is a method to review the validity of a candidate filing or nomination. It
    may occur at either of two points in the election process:
    (1) after the candidate files for office, or
    (2) after the candidate wins a party’s nomination. [KSA 25-208a, 25-308]
    An objection at the time the candidate files for office may occur in one of two ways:
    (1) a person other than the candidate files an objection, or
    (2) the candidate files an objection if the election officer determines the
    candidate’s filing to be invalid. [KSA 25-208a(c)]
    Any person may file an objection after the candidate is issued a certificate of nomination
    after the primary.
    The deadline for filing any objection is:
    (1) three days after the date of the candidate’s filing, or
    (2) three days after the determination of invalidity by the election officer, or
    (3) three days after the date of the issuance of the certificate of nomination after a
    Note: The date of issuance of the certificate of nomination varies by office. Certificates
    for local offices are issued after the county canvass. Certificates for national and state
    offices are issued after the state canvass several weeks later.
    [KSA 25-308(a)]
    Objections to nominations for national and state offices are filed with the Secretary of
    State. Objections to nominations for local offices are filed with the county election
    The grounds for filing an objection are the same as the grounds for contesting a general
    election in court:
    (1) the candidate is ineligible to hold the office
    (2) one or more eligible voters were deprived of the right to vote
    (3) illegal votes were received or legal votes were rejected
    (4) error or fraud occurred in computing the results of the election which could
    change the outcome of the election
    (5) the candidate bribed an election officer, or
    (6) any other cause showing that a different candidate should have won.

  29. nyuck, nyuck this comrade.... from rasmussen...
    ...When “leaners” are included, it’s Romney 49% and Obama 47%.


  31. "Tabled until next week to allow the Kansas board time to consult with Hawaii."

    "Kansas unlike any other state. No corrupt judges involved. Just a 3 member board...all Republicans!"

    Nyuck, nyuck, nyuck!!! SUCKERS!!!

  32. Letter from Mr. Tom Ballantyne, former LTC Terry Lakin, COL Lawrence Sellin (Ret), CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret), and Mr. Gary Wilmott sent to Every State Attorney General in U.S. Putting Them on Notice About Obama’s ID Fraud and Lack of Constitutional Eligibility – 05 Sep 2012

    Read the letters here:

    Also, read more about Obama’s ID crimes and his constitutional ineligibility here:

    CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret)

  33. Romanians go birther:

    I have a proposal to the moderator of this site (ORYR): since there are an increasing number of bitrthers world-wide: can you create and maintain a US and world map on this site that allows readers to see which US states currently have legal onging challenges to Obama that link to the latest articles on it? Also the world map allows us to visually track world stories that relate to Obama's eligibility and keep a lttle counter that predicts how many birthers there are according to the latest polling data, etc. In other words can we get some birther maps please?

    Maps can help keep things in perspective. Hehe imagine a birther density map, that would be sure to piss off the obots and help them realize they don't stand a chance.

  34. @bog

    Hey, bog -- you forgot to post the part of KSA 25-308 that allows a court to order the SOS to place a name on the ballot. If the Board votes to remove, Team Obama goes to court.

  35. @cfkerchner Since the AG is the one who decides who gets prosecuted, whatcha going to do when the AG ignores your silly letter? Who's gonna prosecute?

  36. Thankyou cfkerchner for your efforts. My bet is they crumple 'em up and throw 'em away. The one message that stands out loud and clear from all involved in this crime and cover-up is- come and get us, if you dare. Getting off square one means we're going to have to move.

  37. rikker (September 13, 2012, 3:34 PM) said:

    “I love setting you up for the big nyuck-nyuck-nyuck, RS!”

    You also love acting like a five-year-old.

  38. New info post by Butterdezillion at FR:
    - - - -

    "Both the AG and SOS have received a letter via certified mail from Larry Klayman, a follow-up letter signed by Tom Ballantyne, Terry Lakin, Charles Kerchner, Lawrence Sellen, and Gary Wilmott, and a personal letter from me giving a summary of the legal evidence we currently have.

    One of the things I mentioned in my letter to the SOS’s is that Mike Zullo had contacted some SOS’s who had said they would not accept Onaka’s verification as proof of Obama’s eligibility. I said that Onaka’s verification actually goes much farther than that. It’s not just that Onaka didn’t verify Obama’s birth facts - it’s that Onaka confirmed that he CAN’T verify Obama’s birth facts because there is no legally-valid record. That means there’s not just an absence of proof that Obama is eligible, but actual proof that he’s NOT. There is nobody in this country who can LAWFULLY swear that Obama is eligible.

    That puts this on a whole different level. The SOS’s don’t have to take extraordinary measures in order to know Obama is non-eligible. They have only to obey the law. And at this point for them to allow Obama on the ballot, given the presumption of regularity that applies to Onaka’s verification, would be an act of election fraud on their part.

    15 posted on Thursday, September 13, 2012 8:03:57 PM by butterdezillion "

  39. the birther boots are on and catching up to the pathological liar:


  40. Anon 6:54 said: "You also love acting like a five-year-old."

    I get paid by the "nyuck". In fact, here come three of them now:

    "Nyuck, nyuck, nyuck!!"

  41. Update: "I don't think it's a frivolous objection," Kobach said. "I do think the factual record could be supplemented.":

    It seems Kobach is convinced that Obama is ineligible, why else did he delay until Monday? Kobach may be satisfied with nothing less than the original microfilm! So who is Chris Kobach? He is the current Kansas Secretary of State. Check out his website:

  42. Jon Lovitz: Tommy Flanagan, the Pathological Liar (Yeah, that's the ticket!)

    tommy and PeeWee video:

  43. Larry Klayman's letter to the General Counsel of the DNC and Obama's head OBot lawyer Robert Bauer at Perkins Coie. Klayman is up to speed about Hawaiian law, and the deception that was played by OBama and Hawaii. It's good. :-)

  44. wheresobamasbirthcertificate.comSeptember 13, 2012 at 8:45 PM

    Does anyone have any of the email addresses for the board members? Please forward them or post here.

  45. Butterdezillion is the Josef Goebbels of the birfer movement, the High Priestess of You People are SO Stupid I can Come up with ANYTHING I want and You'll believe it.

    You GO, Butter!!

  46. wheresobamasbirthcertificate.comSeptember 13, 2012 at 9:01 PM

    I just got done emailing the sos Of Kansas, please if anyone has any other emails please forward them to me.

  47. wheresobamasbirthcertificate.comSeptember 13, 2012 at 9:02 PM

    Kansas? who would have figured?

  48. In the hearing Kobach is reported to have said Minor did not define NBC.

  49. kansas election officials needs to request the information on HAWAII records from OBAMA and the DNC directly. IF they fail to get the correct information then they can make the decision. I am talking about the microfiche, not the photoshopped forgery.

  50. @rikker

    Butterdezillion is the Josef Goebbels of the birfer movement, the High Priestess of You People are SO Stupid I can Come up with ANYTHING I want and You'll believe it.

    Rikker, the Obama twinkle toes fairy duster. I can blather stupid OBot nonsense every hour for everyday!

  51. @Anonymous

    the birther boots are on...

    You mean clown shoes don't you?

  52. why does Onaka's second signature not show the smiley face?

  53. You mean clown shoes don't you?

    No! I'm sure they meant "Birther boots":

    There are exactly 102 "typefaced" numerals on Obama's COLB. Of those 102 numerals, exactly 35 of them are exact (pixel for pixel exactly the same) matches of each other (at least one pair or more):

    1) 1st "1" in Title Field, 2nd "1" in Title Field Exactly Match!

    2) 1st "1" in Field 1b., 2nd "1" in Field 11., 1st "1" in Field 17b., 1st "1" in Field 18a., 1st "1" in Field 19a., 1st "1" in field 19b. ALL Exactly Match!

    3) 1st "1" in Field 1c., 1st "1" in Field 4., 1st "1" in Field 11. ALL Exactly Match!

    4) 1st "1" in Field 12b., 1st "1" in Field 14., 1st "1" in Field 18b. ALL Exactly Match!

    5) 1st "1" in Field 17a., 1st "1" in Field 21. Exactly Match!

    6) 1st "2" in Field 4., 1st "2" in Field 21. Exactly Match!

    7) 1st "2" in Field 12a., 2nd "2" in Field 22. Exactly Match!

    8) 1st "2" in Field 12b., 1st "2" in Field 22. Exactly Match!

    9) 1st "4" in Field 4., 1st "4" in Field 14. Exactly Match!

    10) 1st "5" in Field 5a., 1st "5" in Field 15. Exactly Match!

    11) 1st "7" in Field 7b., 1st "7" in Field 17a. Exactly Match!

    12) 1st "7" in Field 7c., 1st "7" in Field 7e. Exactly Match!

    13) 1st "7" in Field 7d., 1st "7" in Field 7f. Exactly Match!

    14) 1st "9" in Field 9., 1st "9" in Field 19a., 1st "9" in Field 19b. ALL Exactly Match!

    35 numerals out of 102 total! That's more than one third of all the numbers on Obama's COLB have at least one match. In the case of a set of one's ( see "2)" above) their are SIX Exactly Matching ones. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to guess that the odds for six exactly matching ones in a single document are more than unlikely, however when it comes to the pair of sevens: 1st "7" in Field 7d., 1st "7" in Field 7f. it borders on the freaking impossible.

    There is something different about that pair of sevens that deserves some special attention! Like all the other matching pairs of numbers listed above on Obama's COLB the pixels on this pair of sevens match each other exactly. However what makes this pair so conclusively fraudulent is their location on the document. They are sitting on the part of the document that is supposed to be bent. It is a simple matter really: letters originally on the bent part of the page when the document was scanned must also be bent. Which means not only will they not sit in a straight line with the other text on the document but also the letters will appear narrower than they would if the page were flat. Now, the further into the bend, the narrower the letter will appear, relative to the original. Now the fact is that this pair of sevens is clearly not vertically parallel (the 1st "7" in Field 7f. is further left than the 1st "7" in Field 7d.) which means that the seven that is further into the bend should be narrower than the other seven and yet they are pixel for pixel exactly the same! Conclusive proof that the sevens along with all the other pairs are simply a fraudulent case of copy and paste using a computer!

  54. -“I love setting you up for the big nyuck-nyuck-nyuck, RS!”

    Yeah sure, but you also like "BENDING OVER" so, who cares..?!

  55. Why doesn't the Kansas elections board do a dual-track approach by asking O and Hawaii both for information?

    1) Ask O directly (a) about the facts and circumstances of how his campaign came into possession of his alleged birth certificates; (b) whether the certificates were altered after receipt; (c) whether he or anyone acting on his behalf has ever sought to amend his birth information with the Hawaiian birth records office post-birth, and if so, what were the facts and circumstances of that amendment; and (d) on exactly what basis he claims to be an eligible candidate if the Board accepts his birth narrative as true.

    2) Ask Hawaii (a) to confirm that the birth certificates provided by O are true and accurate copies of Hawaiian records; (b) disclose whether an effort was made on the behalf of O to amend his birth information post-birth, and if so to reveal the facts and circumstances of that amendment.

    O isn't entitled to run for president just because his party nominated him. Kansas should use their objections procedure as an opportunity to clear up questions regarding O's eligibility. O shouldn't have any problem doing any of this if everything he has told us so far is true. If he doesn't want to answer any of these questions because of potential criminal ramifications, that kinda puts the lie everything he done up to this point, don't it?

    The main problem with prior attacks on O's eligibility is that O has never had to come forward and advance an affirmative case for eligibility - he's mainly relied upon negatively attacking challenges to his eligibility. Kansas should force him to put in writing an affirmative case for his eligibility, with sworn documents backing up his case.

  56. `I am talking about the microfiche, not the photoshopped forgery.´

    and you´d accept it if the microfiche showed exactly the same as the LFBC PDF?

    hold on, dumb question.

    there would be the normal birfoon generated scraping sounds as the goalposts were moved again, and cries of `but it´s a photograph! i´ts been faked!´

    nothing would ever satisfy you lot.

    still, just a few weeks more and your president may be beaten, and he´ll get his library like the rest of them and do the rounds making a shitload of cash, and you can ponder on all the time you´ve wasted for nothing.

    it would be a heartwarming end to the story.

  57. @Commykiller,

    Have you looked at the polls today?

    Nyuck, nyuck, nyuck!!

  58. Well, what's that about the GOP being in league with NObama? Guess it's true:

    "One of Kansas’s most conservative members of Congress told TPM Friday that the talk about barring President Obama from Kansas ballots will end up being just that.

    "'He’ll be on the ballot in Kansas,' Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R) told TPM in the halls of the Values Voter Summit in Washington."

    All right, I finally agree: the GOP doesn't give a sh*t about the eligibility movement and is just paying us lip service in order to secure our money and our votes. And if Romney wins, it seems pretty clear that there will be NO investigation of BlowBama.

  59. "Yeah rikker, keep on believing those idiot liberal polls that over poll Dems by many percentage points to keep you Commies fat, dumb, and happy. Rikker - "I believe!!" LoL."

    Don't you understand why we have these polls? So that when the election returns come in the masses will say "well, some of the polls said that would happen."

    I've just returned from a swing through Virginia, Ohio, and Wisconsin doing some vote tabulation software tests - works great!

    And don't worry about Kansas - the politicians on the board just want better assurances for their future. We're working with them & they'll see the light.

    Always two steps ahead -

    Calamity Jane.

  60. Polls: Romney 48% - Obatshit 45%

  61. Another conservative throws birthers under the bus.

  62. @rikker

    Have you looked at the polls today?

    Nyuck, nyuck, nyuck!!

    Hey Captain Kenyan. PMSNBC F. Chuck Todd doesn't even believe that drivel he feeds you OBot kool aid drinking butts.

    Here is today's poll from the most accurate public pollster in the last decade going back to 2002.

    Romney 48% OBot loser 45%:

    "The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Friday shows Mitt Romney attracting support from 48% of voters nationwide, while President Obama earns 45% of the vote."

    Nyuck, nyuck, nyuck!!

  63. It occurs to me that the Repugs have looked at the political board and foresee the loss that we've been predicting.

    A couple of weeks ago I posted a retort to some idiot Repug who claimed the Carter Effect would cede the 2012 election to Romney. I pointed out that Carter was saddled with the Iranian hostage situation and his "measured" response. I pointed out that Obama doesn't have that baggage.

    Now it occurs to me that the Repugs see the geopolitical board and find that they need to add that ingredient. They have BILLIONS of dollars to spend. Do you think they are going to only spend it on negative advertising? No. Most people's minds are already up. The Repug polls show this. They need a crisis.

    I charge the Repugs with the murder of a U.S. ambassador and 3 Navy Seals in a purely political assassination. I charge the Repugs with funding these assassinations in a blatant attempt to pump life into Mitt Romney's moribund campaign.

  64. UPDATE: Kansas Obama Ballot Challenger Intimidated Into Submission: Withdrawals Challenge

  65. @rikker

    Your OBot idiocy is constantly on display. Good job FoggyOBot.

  66. @Calamity Jane

    Always two steps ahead

    OBot Nutjam Jane soon to be light years behind.

  67. UPDATE: Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach Moving Forward With Obama Ballot Access Challenge:


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