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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Low Marks for the 2012 Election Voters 
Pessimistic About Partisan Cooperation
Excerpts Via Pew Research Center

The 2012 presidential campaign was a frustrating experience for many voters, who say the campaign was more negative than usual and had less discussion of issues than in most previous campaigns. Both Obama and Romney get mixed grades for the job they did reaching out to voters, as do campaign consultants, the press and pollsters. On most measures, voters’ views of campaign 2012 fall short of the election four years ago. [...]

[...] Republicans and Republican leaners remain of the view that the GOP leaders should move in a more conservative direction, not a more moderate one, by a 57% to 35% margin. Democrats and Democratic leaners, meanwhile, continue to support more moderation from their political leaders: Nearly six-in-ten (57%) want Democratic leaders to move in a moderate direction, while 33% want them to move in a more liberal direction. [...]

[...] Republicans continue to want the GOP to move in a more conservative direction: 60% say Republican leaders should move in a more conservative direction while just 31% want to see them move in a more moderate direction. Democrats, however, want their party to move in a more moderate – rather than a more liberal – direction by a 55% to 35% margin.

Although these views partly reflect the fact that conservatives make up a larger share of Republicans than liberals do of Democrats, this difference is evident even among the ideological wings of each party. Fully 70% of conservative Republicans want the GOP to move in a more conservative direction. Liberal Democrats are divided; 46% want the party to move in a more liberal direction while 45% prefer a more moderate move by the Democratic Party. [...]

[...] The press receives the lowest ratings of any of the campaign players included in the survey. Just 32% give the press an A or B grade for how they conducted themselves in the campaign. Only 19% of Republicans and 21% of independents give the press a positive rating, compared with 52% of Democrats. [...]


DRUDGE VIA PEW: 98% of black women age 18-29 voted for Obama;



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