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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Washington Establishment “Circling the Wagons” 
May Cost Elector More Than $12k in Sanctions
By Helen Tansey @ T-Room

Different terms are bantered about when attempting to describe the “Wall of Silence” erected and fortified by a political class hellbent on maintaining secrecy by any and all means necessary. People who are not part of this cozy political cabal of kissing cousin “insiders” typically refer to this class of people as the “Establishment” whether it’s the British or Washington or France or the Israeli Establishment it is a term used to define a political power structure fed by wannabe neophytes.

It is these followers who are the epitome of the “go along to get along” crowd who foolishly believe they are more special or smarter than those who don’t lick the boots of their masters leaders, and they are mighty useful when carrying out the Establishment’s agenda no matter the cause or consequence.

You can spot these enablers miles away simply by watching their actions or by the variety of names they've earned over the millennial such as “useful idiots,” “propagandists,” “agents of influence,” “nitwits,” and my all time favorite “politicians.” It is these followers of the political Washington Establishment who have busied themselves over the last four years to lie, cheat, threaten and ridicule any non-political Washington Establishment American citizen from gaining a fair and impartial hearing of any kind into Mr. Obama’s inability to meet one of the three most basic of qualifications detailed under Article II of the U.S. Constitution—natural born citizen.

By now you have learned that not once in four years has a court of law taken up this matter whether it was raised by an elector, citizen, lawyer, state legislator, presidential candidate, salesman or military-active or retired. None. Zilch. Zero. Zip. All remedies filed in court have been dismissed by the political class’s use of the made up pretend legal term they employ to avoid dealing with real life legal issues—standing.

Why is that? Seriously, why use such legalese if all is on the up and up?

The answer is unequivocal – those serving the political Washington Establishment have circled the wagons and any who wish to keep their establishment jobs will shun, obfuscate, outright lie, ridicule, minimize and use terms of art like “standing” to maintain the farce that one of their own did not then nor now meet one of the three most rudimentary requirements enumerated under Article II.

Hundreds of non-Establishment types aka American citizens have filed Memorandums of Complaint, lawsuits or ballot challenges seeking the courts remedy only to be dismissed on lack of “standing” but none have faced MORE THAN $12,000 in sanctions. None, that is, until an elector in Washington State, named Linda Jordan, dared to file a ballot challenge in August 2012 clearly enunciating the unequivocal fact that the fraudulent long-form birth certificate, sitting on the White House web server, cannot be used as evidence that Mr. Obama meets “any” of the three Article II qualifications in order to be a presidential candidate. The case was dismissed by a department of the Washington State Supreme Court on December 4th as “Frivolous” and sanctions were awarded. The Attorney General is asking for over $12,000 and the Commissioner of the Court was due to make the final determination on January 3rd. So far no word.

More than $12,000 in sanctions for daring to think that ordinary citizens had the right to access the legal system. Let that sink in for a minute. For four years citizens from all walks of life have simply asked the courts to settle the most basic of citizenship questions – who is a natural born citizen and can forged documents be used to prove citizenship status—only to be met with either dismissal after dismissal or silence. In Jordan’s case the courts in Washington State, after acknowledging that she had standing, decided to escalate their own role in their “play along to get along” obfuscation by sanctioning an innocent citizen who had the audacity to file a complaint that nails the issue in its entirety and who had every legal right in the world to do so.

Jordan filed an extremely well researched and articulated Complaint accompanied by a Motion to Show Cause and an Affidavit with Exhibits. In it she detailed not only her own observations about the number of odd anomalies found in Mr. Obama’s purported long-form birth certificate, posted on the White House website after being hand delivered by Mr. Obama’s private attorney, but includes Sheriff Arpaio and the Maricopa Counties Cold Case Posse’s findings which have stated clearly, for the record, that the image of the long-form birth certificate is a forgery and a poor one at that! This crude forgery is and has been sitting in broad daylight for any and all to see since April 27, 2011. Anyone with the most basic computer skills, can clearly see the plethora of oddities, anomalies and irregularities, and permit me to remind you that the only people saying this certificate is the real deal are the same “enablers” “followers or “useful idiots” hired by the political Washington Establishment to obfuscate, lie, cheat and ridicule any who dare to question or challenge.

But first, explain to me how a court, any court, files sanctions against a citizen based on frivolity if the court itself has never bothered to hear from the law enforcement agency who testified in the public domain that they determined Mr. Obama’s long-form birth certificate posted on the White House website was/is fraudulent? Better yet, what credible law enforcement agency would be dumb enough to make such a declaration unless they had the goods to back it up?

This simple act by the Washington State court is ass backwards. One would think at a minimum that a court would at least hear testimony by said experts before deciding such a complaint filed by an elector meets its “frivolous” standard.

Why the heavy hand?

The answer is simple. Jordan’s complaint hit the bulls-eye and the State, acting on behalf of the political Washington Establishment, must kill it in its tracts. If it were to gain any kind of traction in a “truthful world,” Jordan’s complaint would serve as checkmate. Sadly, no court in the United States of America is going to ever invite Sheriff Arpaio or his Cold Case Posse team of forensic experts to testify to the long-form birth certificates authenticity in a court of law that is until all of HELL FREEZES OVER. Get it?

Jordan has done her homework and she has honed in on what we call the “bottom line”, a poorly constructed forgery purported to be Mr. Obama’s birth certificate, the only artifact he has presented to demonstrate his Article II bona fides. Yet not one court in all of the land will bother itself to hear testimony by their fellow citizens who will swear on the Holy Bible that they will tell the “whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God.” - By Helen Tansey @





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