Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Obama Challenger Talks Sanctions For 
Challenging Obama Identity Document Fraud
Interview By Helen Tansey @ T-Room

It is heartening to learn how many awesome patriots are supporting Linda Jordan and her plight to raise funds to help defray Washington State’s punitive sanction of nearly $13k for merely challenging Mr. Obama’s constitutional right to hold office. The T-Room had a chance to catch up with Jordan today to get an update on how her fundraising efforts are going and her next steps. It’s good news but she still has a way to go. The T-Room invites you to take a few minutes to listen to this short interview to learn about her case, sanctions, fundraising efforts to date and her personally hiring an attorney who served on Washington State’s Supreme Court for 15 years. And be sure to visit www.obamaforgeries.com and consider making a donation. - VIDEO BELOW:

BACKGROUND: Ret. Supreme Court Judge Fights $13,000 Sanction Against Obama Challenger - DETAILS HERE.


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