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Friday, March 15, 2013

CPAC: Sheriff Joe's Lead Obama Investigator Meets With High-Ranking Officials; Promises Made - VIDEO BELOW:

Commenter Joe Mannix (via Seizethecarp) was kind enough to bullet-point the video update: ;-)

From Carl Gallups on his radio show who is at CPAC with Mike Zullo. He called in and reported this, 
Zullo and Gallups made a presentation at a meeting yesterday and “shook hands with”: 
Attorney Generals
Senators Congressmen 
“All are so overwhelmed by anti-”birther” information in the past that they shut out “birthers” 
“We have finally got ahold of these people and set them down and they are overwhelmed by the evidence.” 
“We (Zullo and Gallups) have spent all day on Capitol Hill with VIPs” 
“We have the attention of several VIPs who can make something happen.” 
“We have promises made in front of witnesses that that a VIP will make something happen” 
“Some of the recognizable VIPs are new to Washington and some have been around for awhile and they have never heard of our evidence.” 
“If some people keep their promises, the American people will see some results in a few months.” [ ]

This is what Carl Gallups posted at Facebook earlier today, before the update in the video:

Dear PPSIMMONS family - Please PRAY! Lt. Zullo and I believe we have made some supernatural progress. We have much more work to do, but we have met with several VIPS, one of which has made some deep and sincere promises of powerful action. Our meeting was one that lasted several hours with a VIP that usually gives five minute slots. I cannot share any more details at this point. The subject matter is entirely too sensitive for internet posting.

Lt. Zullo and I have another meeting in the U.S. Capitol building today with another VIP. Pray for that meeting as well. Your prayers are precious to us and we believe that the Lord may be at work in this trip. God bless you - and keep praying for your nation and our nation's leaders. It appears there are some who want to do the right thing - they just need some direction. We are trying, with the Lord's help, to provide that direction and information. ALSO - I plan to be LIVE on Freedom Friday by telephone around 4:05 PM CT today. Get the latest update then! - Carl Gallups.

Much more in the interview that aired today at 5:00 PM ET on 1330AM WEBY. More reports on CPAC.

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