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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Eligibility case in Alabama has Barack Obama Long Form 
Birth Certificate filed with the court with new problems arising
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The three different copies obtained are:

1. The PDF copy posted by the obot Jack Ryan (Fogbow) shows a completely different background with a diamond pattern (pg 33) and it opens up with hundreds of layers. This poses numerous problems to be discussed later however the issue of greatest significance is the fact that the document is not secure and can be altered by anybody.

We asked Adobe expert Mara Zebest for her opinion on the Fogbow version and here is her response:

"The fact that the document displays another permutation of the Obama birth certificate should come as no surprise. In fact, this recent variation actually proves the argument that the layers displayed in the White House PDF released as Obama's "official" birth certificate file -- are in fact -- a big F***ing deal (to quote Joe Biden). This variation not only proves the point that manipulation occurred to create Obama's PDF, but is further proof that -- due to the layers -- it is easy for manipulation to continue to occur." --- This here is for Obot eyes. ;-)

Additionally, the Fogbow copy does not have a raised seal which is required to be official.

2. The PDF copy e-filed by the Alabama Democratic Party with the Alabama Supreme Court was obtained by Birther Report. The diamond pattern is not found on this e-filing. Pixel Patriot analysis reveals the security paper background extended on the right side farther than the visible area of the PDF copy (clipped/masked version) posted on the White House servers on April 27th, 2011.

McInnish v Chapman - Obama Birth Certificate - Alabama Democratic Party Amicus Brief - Pg 33 - Exhibit B - 4/23/2013

The significance is that there can’t be more from a copy than an original.

3. Pixel Patriot has obtained a certified copy from the Alabama Supreme Court of the Amicus Curiae brief filed by the Alabama Democratic Party. More to come…

Embedded below is the actual e-filing obtained from the Alabama Democratic Party's attorney:

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