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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sheriff Joe's Lead Obama Investigator Mike Zullo: No Hawaii Statute 
Compels HDOH To List Birthplace On Hawaiian Birth Certificates 

EXCERPT VIA PPSIMMONS: Mike Zullo has committed to PPSIMMONS RADIO that he will give these frequent, exclusive, and personal updates to the subscribers and viewers of the PPSIMMONS News and Ministry properties.

Addressed in the below radio interview:

1. What is your law enforcement background?
2. What is your authority under Sheriff Joe Arpaio?
3. What is your official title? Why do people call you Lt.?
4. Have you examined the high resolution Long Form handout that the White House distributed to the Associated Press on 4/27/11 - which you can find online as a .jpg file by doing a Google image search? If so, is there something evidential about it that would be helpful to the case and is that why you haven't mentioned it at all?
5. There is a YouTube video titled "Obama changed his name in Canada?"Has this been looked into by the Cold Case Posse and, if so, how does it fit into the puzzle of evidence compiled so far?
6. Have you seen this evidence that the DNC REMOVED the paragraph referring to Obama's constitutional eligibility before they signed and submitted his papers to the 50 states?
7. Dr. Palafox was appointed HDOH Director by Governor Abercrombie. Dr. Palafox served a very short time before resigned apparently due to some medical scandal. Many believe though that Dr. Palafox might have resigned because of the birth certificate issue. The CCP should track Dr. Palafox and find out what he knows.
8. Given the fact that two different heads of the HDOH have verified the existence of the original BC and that it has also been verified that the information on the pdf version of the lfbc is the same as what appears on the original document, can you please tell me exactly what information the pdf version of the lfbc is different than what is one the original document?
9. Mr. Zullo, in your affidavit you claim that Hawaii statutes allow for Hawaii to give a birth certificate to a foreign born child and that the statute does not require that it indicate it was a foreign birth, while this is true, isn't it also true that all BCs issued in Hawaii require the place of birth to be on them? Given that true statement, isn't it true that all of Hawaiian BCs issued to foreign born children would indicate that they were not born in Hawaii? PPSIMMONS.

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