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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Texas rep says impeachment letter was doctored
Excerpts Via Jon Cassidy @ Watchdog

HOUSTON – A pro-impeachment letter written by a congressman that has shown up on tea party and birther websites recently is not legitimate, according to his office.

A July 8 letter apparently signed by U.S. Rep. Kenny Marchant, R–Texas, which expresses sympathy with a constituent calling for the impeachment of President Barack Obama, has been turning up on tea party-oriented sites and conservative message boards over the last 10 days. [...]

“The letter floating around there was indeed altered from its original text and doctored-up,” Marchant’s legislative director, Scott Cunningham, wrote in an email. “We do not know who did this.”

The sites credit the letter to a poster using the name Dougster on a birther website called [...]
- Continued at Watchdog.

A poster at Watchdog commented: What does the original say?

Watchdog author responded: You can take a look at the doctored version in the link above and take a good guess. I asked Marchant's office the same question a little while ago but haven't heard back. Will update if I do.

UPDATE: Dougster comments: I am innocent of any chicanery in this. If that letter was altered in any manner, I didn't do it. Now I want to know what the original letter stated. ...

I now have found out that Rep. Marchant has sent that 'form' letter in question to hundreds of people who signed some petition about Impeachment. ... - More here.

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